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Code is code – You are a developer!

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For those of me who follow me on twitter and other media, I recently posted out a few questions to trigger some conversation about code. Specifically it was JavaScript code for a functional consultant. The feedback was extremely varied, and that was my hope. I of course have an opinion on the matter, but didn’t want to voice it before I heard what people in general feel about the subject.

This is only from my twitter, but had a similar thing on the Dynamics group of Facebook. There are not a lot of votes here, but in general it’s fair to conclude that most don’t agree with me in regards to Dynamics 365 JavaScript.

I personally think that functional consultants need to know BASIC JavasScript for Model Driven Apps. Examples of basic to me is the Hide/Show with potentially a few calculations. The obvious reason for this is the user expecting to se changes in the app visually while they are entering data. Having things calculated asynchronous is just not good enough when working in a Model Driven App.

But JavaScript doesn’t run server side. You cant use that!


True, but sometimes the code doesn’t need to be server side, because we can guarantee that the usage is being done within the app. Other times integrations might directly update data and the scenario might be different. The point I am trying to make, is that you should be able to choose the technology because you know how to do it. Not choose the tech based on what your limitations are. There are way to many implementations that are absolutely chaos taking over because of Business Rules, Calculated Fields or Formula Column bombardment.

But I’m not a developer??!?

Well.. Is that really true? I hope you don’t mind me quoting you Steve, but I 100% agree with you on Code is Code. I know you are referring to the idea that this should be done by dev’s, but what would life be if we all agreed on everything? hehe.

I see tons of functional consultants accepting that PowerFX in Canvas Apps is just “Excel formula”. Looking at the example below of an update statement….. How is this not ProCode?

How is this any easier than JavaScript if you just look at syntax for a hide/show?

I understand that these are to absolutely different functions, but the whole idea of accepting PowerFX as a Low-Code language should mean that you also accept JavaScript to be a Low-Code language.

These to languages are so extremely different in logic. My mind is made up of sequences of actions, and that’s why JavaScript makes sense, while PowerFX in Canvas is the result of whatever happened in a prior action(and that fries my brain sometimes).

But JavaScript it’s to hard to learn!

Nothing is harder than learn to do Canvas Apps correctly. I have been doing it on and off for years already, and I still feel like I am a terrible app developer in Canvas. You all know I am from the Dynamics background and wish most things would be in the context of a Model Driven App. I accept that I am not a creative person, and that a button is a good button as long as it works (not because of rounded corners ).

JavaScript is just something that you have to do a few times in a test environment and you will quickly see that it’s a lot simpler than you actually thought. Most of the stuff being done in JavaScript these days is hide/show’s and simple calculations. The heavy JavaScript’s that we used to see have in many cases been replaced with other tech (Custom Pages, PCF Components etc).

Later this year I will try to release a YouTube course “JavaScript 4 Dummies, by a Dummie”. It will be my take on simple JavaScript, and I will make sure that everyone will understand the basic principles of HowTo JavaScript.

I am actually going to record a series on “Plugin’s for Dummies, by a Dummie”. Wonder if people will accept a Plugin as Low-Code?!???! haha.. Don’t worry.. It’s Pro-Code, but it’s not impossible now that we have GPT to help us out with syntax! More info to come

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