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Mass Update Prices Using the Price List Wizard


If you are using Standard Pricing, the Price List Wizard is a major time saver when it comes to updating, copying, and all-around managing price lists.  Who has the time to update prices one by one? The Price List Wizard utility allows you to select the necessary wizard to manage your pricing needs. Each wizard will guide you through the steps to complete the process.


Available Wizards


  • Add Price List Wizard – add new records to your price lists.
  • Update Price List Wizard – update multiple existing records in your price lists.
  • Copy Price List Wizard – copy an existing price list to other items.
  • Remove Price List Wizard – remove existing records from your price lists.
  • Assign Currency Wizard – assign a currency to your items. Only available if using Multicurrency.


Let’s go through an example. We are going to use the Price List Wizard utility to update prices for several, existing items at the same time. To update a group of items, they need to share a common price method, such as currency or % markup current cost. The Price Method is assigned on the Price Level for the Item.  The combination of currency, price level, unit of measure, and quantity breaks must already exist in each item's price list to mass update using the wizard.


Price List Wizard Steps

Before following these steps, be sure to make a backup should you receive any undesired results.

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Utilities | Inventory | Price List Utilities to open the wizard.
  2. Select Update Price List Wizard.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select the Price Method you want to update, for example Currency Amount.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the Update Type. The following options are available but are visible based on the Price Method you selected in step 4.
    1. Percentage - enter the new percentage value you wish to calculate as the price for the Items, such as 120%.
    2. Fixed Percentage - increase the current value by that percentage. For example, you may have a current value of 115% and want to increase by 5%, so you enter 5%.
    3. Fixed Amount – increase the current value by that amount. For example, you may have a current value of $89 and you want to increase by $5, you enter 5.00 to increase the value to $94.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Set the rounding information for the record you are changing. This window only appears if you chose Currency Amount as the Price Method. If you do not wish to use rounding, leave the Round Policy as None.
  9. Select a restriction to limit which price list records to update. For example, you may choose a specific Item range, Price Group, Price Level, and others. When you have selected your range, click Insert.
  10. After you have inserted your selections, click Next.
  11. Review the records in the 'Preview the records to be updated' screen and unmark any you wish to exclude from the update. You may also manually edit the New Price here by typing in the price you wish to use for this Item.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click Finish in the Complete the Update Price List Wizard window to update the price lists with the new rates.



When you click Finish you are prompted to print the Update Price List Audit Report. Print this report if you would like to review or keep a record of your price changes.

If you find you need to end the process at any time during the wizard, you may do so by clicking Cancel. Changes are not made to your Items until you have gone through the wizard and you click Finish.

See how easy that was? The Price List Wizard is a fast, easy way to manage your prices in Dynamics GP!

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