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Unified Admin Experience for Finance and Operations | May 16, 2024

This TechTalk, hosted by Saraubh Kuchhal and Lane Swenka, takes us on another deep dive into the world of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, simplifying operations with a unified admin experience.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Series Agenda
01:24 Agenda
02:17 Power Platform Admin Center
04:25 Walkthrough - Power Platform Admin Center
11:35 Programmability at scale
13:38 Licenses, roles, and permissions
14:27 Assign Service-Level Admins
16:23 Service-Level Admins vs Environment Admins
17:28 Licenses and templates
19:21 Capacity-base purchasing model
20:52 Environment Management
21:27 Provision a new environment
23:24 Provision new Unified Trial environment
24:17 Provision new Unified Sandbox/Developer environment
27:19 Demo – Create Unified Sandbox/Developer environment via PowerShell
30:12 Copy and environment
32:13 LCS copy was painful...
32:54 Simple Copy process in PPAC
34:24 Demo – Full Copy via PPAC UI
37:15 Transaction-less Copy
39:43 Transaction-less Copy via PowerShell


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