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How to monitor your open tasks easily in DynaRent

In today’s article we will showcase the possibilities in DynaRent for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to monitor your open tasks and overdue tasks. You can easily generate work orders and the associated tasks. But also with many different processes within your company: transportation, service, picking, damage, etc. You assigne these jobs to resources that execute the tasks. However, in most cases an employee is also assigned to the job to make sure it is executed on time, every time.

Important views are available in DynaRent that let you easily look into the tasks and details and follow up on them from a single screen.

View "my open tasks" in DynaRent

Workspaces are an important buzzword when it comes to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.  And DynaRent comes with its own industry-specific workspaces that let you monitor and follow-up on jobs using KPIs and basic reports.

But employees also need to have features available to easily monitor and work on specific jobs. Below you see a screenshot of the “my open tasks” view in DynaRent. This form will show all the open work order tasks, providing and all the necessary details.

Using this standard view, not only do have a complete overview, you can also easily register or update the work order accordingly and/or dive into the details of the service planning around it. There is no need open multiple views in DynaRent. You can arrange everything from this single view, helping you to increase user efficiency and satisfaction.

Image 1: Hence, you see here “My open tasks” overview in DynaRent for Dynamics 365

The following views are delivered out of the box:

  • My open tasks
  • My overdue tasks
  • Open tasks
  • Overdue tasks

Image 2: Furthermore DynaRent 365 Workspaces

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