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Overview of Dataverse Long-Term Retention within Dynamics 365 CE apps | May 23, 2024

Join us for episode two of our 3-part #FastTrack #TechTalk! Dive into the intricacies of the Data Archival Framework, taking a high-level journey through its architecture, shedding light on its various out-of-the-box archival scenarios. 

Get ready to unlock insights into efficient data management strategies with your hosts Purvesh Vaghasia, Harish Jayaprakash, and Ajay Kumar Singh.
00:00 Intro
00:47 Agenda
02:14 Overview of Dataverse Long-Term Retention feature
02:26 Dataverse Long-Term Retention
05:48 Dataverse LTDR Overview
07:14 Dataverse Long Term Retention
09:19 Dataverse Long Term Retention – Process Flow
11:26 Dataverse LTDR – Prerequisites
12:28 DV LTR – Storage Optimization
14:17 Enabling the Feature
14:35 Steps for setting up LTDR on an environment
21:03 View and manage retention policy
22:33 Run view
26:17 Viewing Retained data
29:16 Advanced Find
31:25 How LTDR looks 
34:02 View Retained Data Through Fabric
36:37 Deleting Retained Data
40:14 Value proposition and approach
44:46 FAQ
50:11 Q&A
51:00 Closing comments


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