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A Breakdown of Advanced Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Advanced Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP is included with the Advanced HR/Payroll add on from Microsoft that gives users additional functionality for those modules. Advanced Payroll includes:

  • Pay Policy Manager
  • Payroll Hours to General Ledger
  • Labor Accrual Manager
  • Advanced Labor Reporting
  • Employee splits

Pay Policy Manager allows you to specify pay rates that employees will use when working in certain departments, positions, or shifts. This is a must-have feature for those in the healthcare or manufacturing industries. The codes for pay variants can either be a flat amount or a percent.

In this example, the add-on code is set to pay employees time and a half when they are called in to work.

In this example, when a consultant is on a billable hour they get 25% bonus of their hourly salary.


The add on code is then automatically applied to update the pay rate in the system and provide accurate pay.



Payroll hours to the General Ledger allows you to set up unit accounts for each department and track hours for each account. This window is embedded in the payroll posting accounts area, giving you easy access. You’re also able to generate reports that show the numbers of hours worked in each department or division.


The Labor Accrual Manager is a simple tool that doesn’t require much setup and allows you to split payroll between multiple time periods. For example, when a pay period crosses days, months or years you can assign your payroll expenses to the actual time frame they fell in. This functionality applies to gross wages, tax accounts, benefit accounts and more.


check the windows you want to reverse the dates


Advanced Labor Reporting expands some specific advanced labor reports that can be used to look at both payroll and financial data. You also have the ability to produce FTE reports and reports comparing billable to overhead hours. They then give you the ability to compare your actual labor costs and production with your budgets and projections.

Users have the ability to set up areas of responsibly for multiple levels of reporting. Assigned managers or supervisors can then view employees or areas they are responsible for.

On this screen you can see non vs productive (billable/overhead) hours

This data is pulled from the payroll posting accounts window.

Employee Splits

This functionality is great for salary or hourly employees that need their time to be split between departments at a certain percentage. Nonprofits find this to be an extremely valuable feature, especially when they need to split salaries between grants. This feature works for both salary and hourly employees and allows you to split pay, benefits, or taxes between 25 different departments.


If you need more payroll functionality than you get out of the box with Microsoft Dynamics GP, consider adding Advanced Payroll and Human Resources to your software system.


By Sabrina Zimara, DFC Consultants


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