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Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2023- Completely Delete Document Attachments

Terry R Heley Profile Picture Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee
This new feature in the Dynamics GP October 2023 release will allow you greater control over documents you've attached to records in Dynamics GP.  Previously, when you deleted an attachment, it was still maintained in the database and moved to the Deleted tab in the Document Attachment Management window.
This blog was created to go through all the document attach tables and manually delete the attached record.  This could be very cumbersome and required SQL IT person involvement.

With the Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.6 release, you have the ability to completely remove attachments from Dynamics GP.  To enable this functionality, you need to navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Company > Document Attachment Setup.  Once there you need to mark "Allow attachments to be deleted."

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Terry Heley