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Case Study: HACCP Compliance with Dynamics GP

Can something as simple as inventory barcoding help a company with its Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance program?

Inventory barcoding can be as simple as recording adds, adjustments and moves. But these basics, used to extend Microsoft Dynamics® GP can do a lot more than improve inventory accuracy. They can be the foundation of an overarching warehouse management system (WMS). That WMS can not only increase inventory accuracy, improving customer service, but can streamline compliance in regulated industries. Watch this video to see how Animix, a process manufacturer in the highly-regulated animal health industry, uses Dynamics GP and Panatracker GP Inventory Management software,  to increase inventory and picking accuracy, streamline order handling, and automate FDA requirements including HACCP compliance.

Animix is a growing company, and inventory barcoding has helped remove barriers to further growth. Stream the video now to see how and where they harness barcoding and mobile handheld computers running PanatrackerGP to deliver the kind of control that regulators demand.

Many thanks to our valued customer, Animix, for hosting the video shoot and generously sharing their experiences.

Animix is a manufacturer of high quality premixes (vitamin and mineral mixes), feed additives, and specialized biotechnology products oriented to custom production and marketing where each customer's trust and confidence are established through research and nutrition experience, production, capability and highly personalized selling relationships.

Established in 1994 to capitalize on an under-served need for water dispersible premixes in the veal industry, Animix has expanded its product line to include manufacturing premixes for other sectors of the animal feed business. More recent additions include pet food premixes, various feed additives, supplements and specialty ingredients.

Animix is continuously looking for new technologically advanced niche products to enhance and expand its product line and improve service to its customers. Such niche products may require special knowledge, procurement of special ingredients, respecting confidentiality of the uniqueness of the product, etc.

Animix markets its products to feed and pet food companies and veterinary supply organizations throughout the United States and Canada. All products are sold FOB Juneau, Wisconsin. Delivery is arranged by either Animix or the customer, using independent carriers or customer's trucks.

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