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Performance tuning development VM

It is general complain of any developer about development VM. Why is it so SLOOOWWWWW? And yes, it is slow. So can we do some performance tuning om development VM

Slow is influence on 3 things

Startup a VM will result in below actions

  • Is also startup of
    • Batches
    • Management reporter
    • Windows security
    • Windows update
    • Windows maintenance
  • SQL
    • There is no SQL maintenance
  • Disk

easy fixes

You could disable the batches & management reporter. That will help.

complex fixes

But the real issue is how the disks of that VM are configured.  In general, it looks like below 16 lazy disks.

Performance tuning development VM

Change the disks

Now you can change these to faster disks , but please be aware of the prices. Also, these are managed disk, the cost fixed amount every month, so stopping the VM will not reduce below cost.

SizePremium SSDStandard SSDstandard HDD
64 GB9.474.052.54
128 GB18.298.104.97
256 GB35.2616.209.56
512 GB67.9232.3918.36

How does the disk migration work?  The first step is migration to managed disks

Managed Disks simplify disk management for VMs by managing the Storage accounts behind the scenes. Managed Disks also provide granular access control with RBAC and better reliability for VMs in an Availability Set. Learn more about the benefits of using Managed Disks

Source unmanaged disks are not deleted after the migration. Managed Disks are created by making a copy of the source disks. You can revert back to unmanaged disks by creating a new VM with the source disks. Configuration of the VMs is not changed after the migration. Learn more about migrating to Managed Disks

This virtual machine will be stopped and restarted after migration is complete.

Performance tuning development VM

Next you can change all the discs

Performance tuning development VM

Migrate or redeploy

But hold on 16 disks multiplied with 18.29  makes 292 euro on top of running the VM. This is very expensive in the relation how you use it. So next step:

  • Active your code & database.
  • Delete the VM
  • Deploy a new one
Performance tuning development VM

And of course, do not forget to setup the auto shutdown and the azure software reductions

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