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Is Your Entry Level Accounting Solution Prepared To Grow With You?

Business today is faced with change, challenge, and uncertainty.  To stay competitive, owners and executives need to stay abreast of economic, industry, technology. and regulatory changes, and are often forced to make difficult decisions with limited information.

 Is the information you need to make important decisions about your business at your fingertips?  Or like most people do you have to search for information, download it to a spreadsheet and manipulate it to get the answers you are looking for?

Think about it.  If you have to perform mundane, time consuming tasks like this to access information, how many other people in your organization have to do that as well?  Chances are people throughout the organization are performing many tasks manually, are re-keying data for analysis purposes, and are generally inefficient because the systems in place today can no longer manage the volume and complexity of your business. 

 If anytime is the right time to start thinking about how you can improve your bottom line, how you can automate processes, how you can be more productive with the resources you already have, it is now.  Transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), a market leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for midsize businesses, can take your organization beyond basic accounting. Dynamics GP gives you robust functionality, sophisticated reporting and decision making tools, and a technology foundation designed to handle the workload, user counts, and security requirements of growing businesses.

 Microsoft Dynamics GP offers:

  • Visibility to operational and financial information through an executive dashboard
  • Key performance indicators to identify and analyze trends
  • Communication and collaboration using tools your resources are already familiar with

 Even though it may not be necessary for you to be on the cutting edge of technology, you’ll need a game plan and guidance from a reputable Dynamics reseller to ensure a smooth and efficient transition from your current accounting/financial application.

 As you evaluate your solution options, be sure to think about the tools you need to provide to every employee in your company so that they can do their jobs more effectively. To help you asses what each player on your team needs from your software read this guide called, Everyone Wins, Choosing the Right Business Solution is a Team Sport. This insightful and quick to read guide will help you see how well your current software meets your business demands and, if needed, upgrade to a solution that’s a better fit for everyone.

By Encore Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner and largest reseller in Western Canada.


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