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Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2022- Payables 1099-NEC form prints with LINES and BOXES

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At Dynamics Communities Summit this week, this feature got some claps from the crowd and that always makes my heart full.  This is very similar to what we do with the Payroll W-2 form for years.

A core feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ability to print Payables 1099 statements for vendors.  Continuing that functionality in the Dynamics GP October 2022 release, we have added a new report writer report to include the boxes and lines for the 1099-NEC form.  Now, when you select to print the 1099-NEC form, you have the option of printing the form type one-wide with boxes. When this option is selected, the form will print on blank paper, YAY!

Also, remember the feature we added in 18.4 to Default the Payables 1099 to Single Feed vs Continuous.

This will be a nice feature to print your forms to screen and verify 1099-NEC information.  It also could be used as the form that is delivered to the vendor.  This feature does not print the 3-part 1099-NEC form with boxes by the IRS (About Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation | Internal Revenue Service ( ).  Usually, customers will submit the forms electronically to the IRS vs a printed copy and that is why this option only prints the 'Copy B form'.  (If you need the 3-part form, then you must purchase Pre-printed forms and use the Single Feed or Continuous printing options.)

To print the 1099 Nonemployee Compensation (NEC) form with boxes follow these instructions:

1. Go to Purchasing >> Routines >> Print 1099

2. 1099 Year: select the current year

3. 1099 Type: select "Nonemployee Compensation"

4. Form Type: select "One Wide with Box"

5. Add the remaining information in this window and click the "Print Forms File"

pastedimage1665580068660v1.png   pastedimage1665580106748v2.png

With the 2022 Year-end Update there are some Payables form changes, review the Year-End Blog Series for details.

Continue to check back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2022 - Feature Blog Series to review upcoming blog posts related to our new features and other helpful resource links.

For detailed documentation on all the features: Microsoft Dynamics GP Detailed Documentation

Terry Heley

  • Bob Harrison Profile Picture
    Bob Harrison 807 on at
    Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2022- Payables 1099-NEC form prints with LINES and BOXES
    We were missing the security setup to allow a user to print the 1099 with box. Can you include that when new reports are added? Takes time to find out which security task needs to be updated. Thanks

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