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Extension options available for Data Archival and Long-Term Retention within Dynamics 365 F&O apps | May 29, 2024

Join us for the final episode of our 3-part FastTrack TechTalk! Dive into the extension options available for Data Archiving and Long-Term Retention withing #Dynamics365 F&O apps to address various customization scenarios.

Get ready to unlock insights into efficient data management strategies with your hosts Purvesh Vaghasia, Harish Jayaprakash, and Ajay Kumar Singh.
00:00 Intro
00:29 Agenda
00:52 Series Agenda
01:27 Available Data Archive Scenarios
02:11 Extension Options
04:16 Custom fields in Out of Box Data Archive scenario
10:15 Extension: System Generated User Tracking Fields
12:20 Refresh virtual entity metadata
14:10 Demo 1
19:46 Add Custom Tables in Out of Box Data Archive scenario
23:37 Custom Tables: Important Table properties in F&O
25:40 Code Example
29:02 Generate virtual entities in Power Platform
30:39 Custom tables: Table properties in Power Platform
32:30 Demo 2
45:50 References
47:19 Q&A
01:02:22 Closing comments
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