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Purchasing Return or PO Return hangs when attempting to post or you receive an error on table 'FA_PO_Additional_Information_MSTR' failed because the record couldn't be locked.

Hi everyone,
Happy spring to you all! 
I wanted to shed some light on an issue we have recently seen that took some time to identify in hopes to reduce the time to solve this issue if you happen to come across it.  It wasn't super easy to find because of the initial symptoms that were present.  When posting a Return(s) in batches from Purchase Order Processing, the system would hang.  The reports would print out and, in this example, they were using Encumbrance so all of that appeared to process okay.   But after those reports printed, the system would just hang.  There wasn't any type of error indicating what was causing the problem.  In the logs it wasn't super apparent either.   The General Ledger, Inventory and Purchase order tables would all look to be updated.   The only problem is the POP Worktables wouldn't clear and one field in the POP10500 wasn't updated as well.  After some testing we tried to transaction level post one return just to quickly get through the process in our testing and low and behold we got a different outcome. We received the following error which led us down the right path to identifying the cause which was related to Fixed Assets.  
The error was 'FA_PO_Additional_Information_MSTR' failed because the record couldn't be locked.  
If you have a situation where you are posting Return batches in Purchase Order processing and the system hangs, you might be experiencing the following issue.  Try posting a single return without a batch to see if you receive this error.   If you do below are steps to fix the issue.
In this direction, please open the Fixed Asset Company Setup window under Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Fixed Assets > Company > Fixed Asset Company Setup window and verify if the 'Post POP through to FA' option is set. 
If the end users are not updating FA from the POs in Dynamics GP, then keeping the option off is likely your best solution. 
However, if they are using the PO module to create new asset record then it would be a good idea to reset the FA indexes prior to putting the POP setting back in place to ensure the FA data is sound. 
Recommended steps in this direction would be:
1. Log completely out of Dynamics GP from the PC you are going to process POP/FA entries from.
2. Log into SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL Server housing Dynamics GP.
3. IMPORTANT – Make a new backup of the erring company db.
4. Run the following SQL commands against the erring company db:

delete FAINDEX
delete FA01500

5. Log into Dynamics GP as the sa or an administrative user (the log-in re-indexes the FA records).
6. Put the POP/FA setting back in place.
7. Test POP batch posting for error.

Hope sharing this information provides you a quick resolution if you ever come across it in the future! 
Have a great rest of the week!  
Angela Ebensteiner | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP