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Tips to install the U.S. Payroll Tax Update

Terry R Heley Profile Picture Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee

You know, the automatic tax engine is a sweet process when it works, but when you get an error or have issues, then what?

Here is an all inclusive list of items you can check and try about installing the U.S. Payroll Tax Updates:

1. Make sure you are on a supported version of the product, check out the lifecycle to see if you can receive the tax update.

2. Are you on an enhancement plan?  You need to be to install updates to taxes.

3. You need to log in as user SA and everyone does not have to be out of Microsoft Dynamics GP, but you should not be running payroll, always good point!

4. If you get an error you can try another machine, this just needs to be run once from any machine.

5. Did you try to "manually" run the tax update by downloading the file from the tax update page itself.

6. Anti-virus or firewalls could block the update too, we have seen it happen.

7. If you receive 'Update has failed digital signature not verified' this could mean you are hitting an outdated file (or an older version of our product).  In these cases, it is best to notify support as we may have an issue with the file as the signatures do expire.  Usually I'm the first to hear about it :-)

8. You may receive this error when you run the tax update

Error: Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))

There are many environmental items that may cause this error.  Here are things you can try to resolve the problem.
a. Try a different machine, you only need to run the tax update once on any machine, so try another.  Make sure you are logged in as user SA.
b. Right click and launch Microsoft Dynamics GP as Administrator.
c. Verify that you have at least read/write permissions to the Microsoft Dynamics GP code folder, the SQL Server folder and any shared folders containing forms, reports, etc. 
d. Verify you're logged in as a Domain Administrator on your workstation.
e. Disable any antivirus, firewall, adware and/or spy-ware while the installation is running. We have seen these applications affect installs.
f. Add Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.TaxEngine.exe (Located in you Microsoft Dynamics GP code folder) to the DEP Exception list using the steps below: 
   Click Start, Control Panel, System, Click the Advanced System Settings link on the left 
   Click the Settings button under Performance and Click the Data Execution Prevention tab 
   Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:" 
   Click "Add..." and browse to the Microsoft Dynamics GP code folder 
   Select Dynamics.exe and click Open, Click Apply and OK in the Performance Options window 
   Close any other open windows and reboot the server if asked.

The above are common items we may get questions on when you install the update.  We need to remember the U.S. Tax tables are stored in the Dynamics database in a table and again, just need to be installed once.  At this point in our product, we do not have multi year tax tables.  It is very important to install the update when you are ready to run payroll for that reporting year. 

You can visit the Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory and peruse to the version you are running and click the link for U.S. Taxes.  This will bring you to a page when you can manually install the tax tables with the file location on this page and instructions.  Never fail, I always keep a prior year of tax tables on these pages you can revert back to if that OH NO moment happens :-)

Have a wonderful week,

Terry Heley


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