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Bridge to the Cloud 2 | Get 40% Discount on Your Transition to Dynamics 365 Cloud

Introduction to Bridge to the Cloud 2

Microsoft has launched an initiative, Bridge to the Cloud 2, to assist Dynamics customers in transitioning their operations to the cloud.

This program, starting from January 1, 2023, extends a 40% discount to those purchasing Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses, given their total annual cost meets or exceeds the renewal cost.

Broadening the scope of the former Bridge to the Cloud initiative, it's now accessible to all businesses.

Aims of Bridge to the Cloud 2

This initiative focuses on simplifying the ERP transition to the cloud. As a golden opportunity for Microsoft clients, it accelerates this process, potentially leading to a surge in revenue and granting a competitive edge. Some key benefits include:

  • No-cost additional users
  • Dual usage rights
  • Flexible billing options
  • Dual access rights

Terms and Conditions of Bridge to the Cloud 2

To partake in the Bridge to the Cloud 2 programme, customers need to meet certain criteria.

1. Registration

Registration for the initiative must be completed before December 31, 2024. This can be done by liaising with a Microsoft partner like Dynamics Square or subscribing to a CSP NCE subscription suitable for this scheme.

2. Eligible Products

The initiative caters to customers migrating from Dynamics perpetual products to similar Dynamics 365 online pay-per-user products.

3. Timeframes

Discounts apply for 3 years from the registration date and are non-extendable. Normal pricing resumes thereafter.

4. Discount

A 40% discount is applied to the standard commercial catalog price.

Licensing Prerequisites for Bridge to the Cloud 2

In addition to the above, the Bridge to the Cloud 2 initiative necessitates several licensing conditions:

  • Purchase of Dynamics online licenses with a value equal to or exceeding the annual renewal amount of the existing license.
  • Maintenance of an active BREP, ensuring up-to-date annual renewal payments.
  • Maintenance of the minimum value of the CSP license during the initiative duration.
  • An active Enhancement Plan for the migrating system.
  • Customers must have a licensed Dynamics on-premises programme prior to September 1, 2022, and must not have previously bought the same cloud product.

Why Opt for Microsoft Cloud?

The advent of Business Central marked a significant transition in the field of management software. Microsoft, the market leader for ERP systems, introduced various updates, including a new interface. To honor these efforts, Microsoft launched a discount initiative.

Today, with Bridge to the Cloud, Microsoft is determined to help businesses maintain competitiveness. At Dynamics Square, we echo this dedication to our clients. Please contact us to reap the full benefits of both the incentives and the platform.

Require Assistance?

Our team is ready to guide you in leveraging the Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion. For queries or support, reach out to us via email or dial +44 207 193 2502. We're here to help.

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