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One Dynamics One Platform - Introduction | November 30 & December 1, 2022

Ilanit Manor Profile Picture Ilanit Manor Community Manager


Saurabh Kuchhal - Senior Solution Architect

Sunil Garg - Principal Program Manager

Lane Swenka - Sr. Program Manager

Jared Hall - Principal Program Manager

Rama Krishnamoorthy - Principal Program Manager

Jason Green - Principal Program Manager

Gianugo Rabellino - Principal Program Manager

Sabin Nair - Principal Program Manager

Milinda Vitharana - Principal Program Manager


Share the vision of "One Dynamics One Platform" (ODOP) across user personas such as One Administrator, One User Experience, One User Runtime, and One Insights. We will share our principles, and approaches behind ODOP that would benefit implementation partners and customers.


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One Dynamics One Platform - Series


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