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Infographic: Gaining the ERP Edge

What are the productivity benefits of using ERP software?

What results have organizations seen versus companies not using an effective ERP system?

How can you maximize the value of ERP software?

IDC research teamed up with Microsoft to provide these answers in a nice infographic.


Productivity Benefits of ERP: Build Business Success

  • Work more productively: Increase organizational productivity and generate an additional $1,141 in annual revenue per employee*
  • Make better decisions: Mitigate risk of errors and failure and reduce operational costs by an average of $170 per employee annually*
  • Be more agile: Increase speed to market and increase annual returns by $2,628 per employee*
  • Increase revenue: For a 1,000-employee company, an integrated ERP solution could mean an additional $3.8 million in revenue*

*when compared to companies not using any or an ineffective ERP system.

Optimizing ERP: Maximize the Value

Move it to the Cloud

Reduce unplanned application downtime by 98%*

Increase application performance by 10-200%*

Increased adoption and usage of ERP systems adds value per employee of about $220*

Maximize Usage with Mobility - Extending ERP to mobile users increases mobile-user productivity by 17%*

Integrate Fully with Other Apps - Advantage in increasing revenue 10%*

*when compared to companies using non-integrated ERP

Evaluating ERP Systems: Get Next Gen Now

System Must-Haves

Fast deployment options: Organizations with more agile deployment can reduce             implementation costs by 70%

Interconnectivity with other productivity apps: Gives an advantage to businesses by reducing operational costs by 13%

Intuitive easy-to-use interface: ERP solutions that look and feel more like consumer        applications can reduce training time and costs by over 80%

Quick change configuration

Dashboards for any and all devices – puts actionable financial data in the hands of users in real time instead of 7-10 days after closing.

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