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Business Process Catalog and Guidance - Part 7: Introduction to Process Governance | March 21, 2024

In this TechTalk, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of process governance, learning to establish and maintain robust frameworks that ensure compliance, efficiency, and agility for Dynamics 365 implementations. Delve into key principles, explore best practices, and discover how to strike the right balance between flexibility and control in managing business processes. Join us for an engaging exploration of process governance essentials, equipping you to steer your organization towards excellence in Dynamics 365.

00:00 Intro
01:20 Series Agenda
02:04 Agenda
02:44 Process governance overview
03:30 Importance of process governance
04:30 Benefits of process governance
06:09 Establishing a process governance framework
06:52 Discover phase
08:53 Assess phase
09:46 Model phase
12:03 Analyze
13:55 (Re)Design
15:41 Manage
17:00 Implementing process governance
18:51 Tips for gaining leadership support
21:45 Tips for engaging stakeholders
24:00 Tips for customizing the framework to meet organizational needs
26:27 Tips for effective communication
28:23 Tips for monitoring progress and adapting
30:17 Communication and change management
32:09 Importance of change management for the process governance framework
34:39 Dedicated change management for process governance
37:16 Measuring and monitoring process governance
38:04 Common characteristics of process maturity models
40:15 Examples of well-known process maturity models
40:37 Microsoft’s Process Maturity Model Sample
42:46 Process measurement and metrics overview
45:12 Resources and recommendations
46:51 Q&A
53:08 Closing comments
Presenter: Rachel Profitt -


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