At Directions Asia this week, we announced the availability of the latest major update of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Release Notes summarize the 100+ improvements we’ve added in this update.

To enhance the simplicity of Business Central and optimize our ability to rapidly deliver innovation, we have outlined the following roadmap guidance:

  • The focus of our user experience innovation is in our modern web and mobile clients, and our embedded Outlook add-in. For October 2019, we are investing to make these modern client experiences the first choice for any user role. The April 2019 update that was announced Monday is the last version that will support the legacy Windows client.
  • Our partners and our developers demand a modern development environment, with easy integration to standard tools like GitHub and Azure DevOps. With the October 2019 update, we will move to Visual Studio Code and ship our application as AL. We are investing to add features to our Visual Studio Code development experience to make it more productive for developers compared to the C/SIDE environment that it will replace. The April 2019 update contains the last on-premises version with the C/SIDE development environment, and includes the last distribution of Business Central as C/AL code. Combined with the native capabilities of Visual Studio Code and the connection to other modern development tools, these changes will accelerate innovation in the product and across the ecosystem.

The April 2019 update delivers capabilities beyond the 100+ specific features, including improved performance, reliability, accessibility and supportability. Check out the next evolution of Business Central now, and stay tuned for more information on best practices for moving forward with modern clients, Visual Studio Code, and AL.

On behalf of the Dynamics 365 Business Central team,

Claus Busk Andersen

Group Program Manager