Hello All!  It's been awhile but we are seeing a trend where users are getting hung up with the following error:

Could not find the self-hosted integration runtime. Please ensure the self-hosted integration runtime is running and connected.

This could mean a few different things, but there is a way to start fresh to insure everything is connected properly and something you can try before entering a support ticket:

1. Navigate to the Cloud Migration Management page>Actions>Reset Cloud Data.  Doing this will clean up the Cloud side of the migration.

2. Disable Cloud Migration:


3. Delete companies that had been migrated to BC (You need to be in Cronus to do this or another company other than what you are deleting):

  1. Search for ‘companies’.
  2. Highlight the Company and Delete.


4. Delete your Integration Runtime that was used the first time you migrated. **Caution, be sure the IR you are deleting is only being used for your migration**

  1. Add/Remove Programs>Microsoft Integration Runtime.
  2. Remove Runtime. 
  3. In BC, search for Assisted Setup.
    1. Select ‘Set up Cloud Migration’. (Yes, you want to run it again) 
  4. Walk thru the prompts until you get to the window where you enter your SQL Connection String, but leave the Integration Runtime Name blank, and select Next.
  5. Your next screen will look like below, and you need to stop and Download the Self-hosted Integration Runtime as indicated in the window:


5. Once you have completed the steps indicated in the Integration Runtime setup, copy the Authentication Key from the window in step 6, and add that when prompted, to Register the Integration Runtime:


6. Proceed with the Assisted Setup in BC. When the company is created again, you can attempt the migration.

I hope this information helps get you past this error and if you have any questions, please ask.  

Have a wonderful day!


Warmest Regards,

Deseree Krumm| Support Escalation Engineer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Support​