The holiday season is that special period in the year when we all are traveling. Airports are much busier than usual, trains are packed or late, and icy roads congested with families driving their cars to visit relatives.

As a busy professional connected to your company running on Dynamics 365 Business Central you don’t want to skip a beat. Especially just before the holiday. Maybe you are about to board the train and would like to check if that late payment for decorative bulbs has been sent? Maybe just before you switch your device to airplane-mode (as the kind flight attendant is suggesting) you’d like to verify the 20-ton-of-candy order was sent to processing? Or maybe you are actually Santa (everybody knows he uses Business Central to keep the shop running) and you need to check the toys inventory while riding your sledges through the sky?*

In all those situations you would be using Business Central on your mobile or tablet, and you would be using the Business Central Apps we prepared for you. There are Apps on all major platforms and they run on mobile and tablet devices (additionally, the Windows one can run in desktop mode on a Windows 10 PC and be used as the main app to access Business Central while you are using a laptop or desktop computer).

You can find more information and all those apps here and download choosing the right platform for your device:

What is important - regardless whether your Business Central deployment is fully in the cloud, on premises or hosted by a partner – the same App can be used to access your data.

When you start the App for the first time you will notice a welcome screen where you can provide your work email address that is enabled for Business Central online and then of course your password:

But if you have been upgraded from Dynamics NAV on-premises, and your company has Business Central deployed locally (or at an Internet location hosted by a partner), then you would choose the other option from the above screen. Look at the option called ‘My Business Central is not in the cloud yet’. In there you would have to type your Business Central web client address. That could be something like https://.com/BC130 or (for example:

 Don’t worry, you’re not expected to know it by heart - your local administrator or your Microsoft partner will help you. Also look for a welcome email from your admin with the link to directly launch the Business Central App (dear admins: read more here to learn how to construct those links).

After successful log-in you will be connected and redirected to your company. OK, you’re in and you have Business Central running on your mobile phone. Congratulations!

Note that you can see a familiar although slightly different experience:

 Still – all your data is in sync and ready for you. Business Central App on mobile or tablet connects directly to your company and – although it displays the features slightly differently – you can notice all the same and familiar Business Central options. There is no syncing or data replication process – the moment someone adds a new sales order in the office you can refresh and see it on your mobile device. But don’t be tricked – it is not just a simple data viewer application. You can add or modify orders, customers, items and more. You can approve actions taken in the office and move your business forward. It is simply your Business Central on the road. Business Central mobile experience always matches what you have access to from your big desktop PC. Of course, our smart Business Central platform makes sure everything is displayed correctly even on smaller screens – you don’t need to worry about your device type, screen size or features. For instance you may notice how the App takes advantage of the hardware back button on Android or Windows whereas on iOS it shows an icon (because that platform lacks the hardware one):

 The Business Central mobile app also has some interesting surprises: You can easily take a photo of an item in your inventory or of a document for further processing; you can also location tag your data using the GPS sensor built into your mobile device. All that is enabled for you with without any addition action – just use the App and enjoy!

Moreover, your admin or partner can easily customize the Business Central experience for mobile, but this is a long story for another post :-).

Enjoy your Business Central on mobile …

Happy Holidays!

* Mobile airplane-mode does not apply to Santa even during take-off


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