With the launch of Business Central in April 2018, we introduced a shorter, simpler URL to access all your business data: https://businesscentral.dynamics.com. This is the only URL that you need to remember from now on. If you joined the party prior to the launch of Business Central, you might still be using the older URLs, such as https://MyCompanyName.financials.dynamics.com. For instance, you may have a bookmark here and there, or use an email template created by your admin a long time ago.

We believe it is time to move!  

The single URL concept makes it easy for you to get connected. You can connect from any device via a web browser or from our new mobile/companion apps on Windows, iOS, or Android (see below). There’s no need to remember the long URL name anymore – it's super easy for everyone to access their business data. Please update your bookmarks and start using https://businesscentral.dynamics.com.

As of 01 June 2018, we have started to automatically redirecting calls made for the older URLs to the new domain. We are starting with Sandbox environments and will continue with live environments - making these updates over the next few weeks. Note that the redirection is applied to URLs in the browser or when calling web services. While your old hyperlinks will continue to work for a while longer, this is a great time to update the bookmarks or links that you use in any communication or instructional material, and point them to the single URL: https://businesscentral.dynamics.com

With this change in mind, we have rolled out a new version of the mobile/companion apps, which connects to the single URL for Business Central. Therefore, we ask you kindly to install the new version that is available in the store.  The Business Central apps on your devices (Windows 10, iOS, and Android) might have already  been updated to the new version automatically, especially on Windows and systems where automatic app updates is enabled. If your apps have not been updated, you can manually update them from these links:

The newest version of the app is 2.6. 22169.

The update process is very smooth and ensures the best connectivity to your business data from your desktop or mobile device.

As mentioned, we made sure that the Business Central app update on modern Windows 10 devices happens automatically in the background. For Android and iOS devices, you are encouraged to set up the built-in feature for automatic app updates:

  • On iOS devices, go to: Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Automatic download: Updates
  • On Android devices, go to: Play Store > Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps

Keeping the Business Central mobile app up-to-date on your device ensures that you get the newest features and security measures that we will be introducing in the future.

Specifically for advanced users and developers

With the new Business Central mobile app update on Windows, iOS, or Android (version 2.6.22169), we have introduced a feature that enables the app to connect to a sandbox tenant.  It is now possible to run the mobile app by invoking a URL that is based on the ms-businesscentral URI scheme. The URL has the following format:


All you need to do is construct an email or document containing the above URL and open it on your device with the app installed to force your app to connect in a different way – passing additional parameters.

Get to the sandbox: ms-businesscentral://businesscentral.dynamics.com/sandbox

Go back to the standard environment: ms-businesscentral://businesscentral.dynamics.com/

On top of that (once you switched to a desired environment) you can use additional parameters to force the app to behave in a certain way. For example:

  • Open a given company: ms-businesscentral:///?company=CRONUS%20USA%2C%20Inc.
  • Open a specific page: ms-businesscentral:///?page=9305

 Here is the full URL syntax:

ms-businesscentral://<domain>[/sandbox]/?[company=<companyname>][&page =<ID>][&mode=<View|Edit|Create>][&profile=<profileID>][&bookmark=<bookmark>][&filter='<field>'-IS-'<value>'[-AND-'<field>'-IS-'<value>']]

You can learn more about working with Business Central URLs here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/dev-itpro/developer/devenv-link-to-universal-app.


Posted on behalf of the teams behind the single URL and the apps.