Announcing MarketingPilot 15 Designed for the New Marketer

Announcing MarketingPilot 15 Designed for the New Marketer

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Our acquisition of MarketingPilot last November not only represented a significant step forward in marketing automation capabilities, but also provided a key piece in furthering our Microsoft Dynamics CRM vision to help organizations attract, retain and grow their customers in new ways.  And today, at Convergence 2013 New Orleans, we moved further forward with our announcement of MarketingPilot 15 – an integrated marketing management solution that brings together MarketingPilot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The new release includes an updated user interface with a more simplified and familiar user experience, along with a new MarketingPilot Connector that will enable it to work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This new release, just five months after the acquisition, reinforces our dedication to the marketing automation space and underscores our commitment to continued innovation in MarketingPilot and to our joint customers.

With the explosion of new channels, emerging markets, and shifts to online and digital customer engagement, there's tremendous opportunity ahead in the marketing automation space.  In fact, according to Gartner, “By 2017, CMOs may have bigger IT budget than CIOs do.” According to IDC, “Marketing Automation is expected to grow faster than any other segment of CRM over the next 4 years.”  Microsoft recognizes the importance of providing customers an open and extensible platform, compelling applications, and modern user experiences are even more important now to help marketers more effectively plan, execute and monitor customer interactions across channels, while also measuring the return on marketing investments. 

Designed to help marketers grow top-line revenue and measure return on their marketing investments, MarketingPilot 15 is an Online release that features the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and omni-channel marketing capabilities designed to help marketers improve productivity and gain rich customer insights.


We have had some great feedback from customers. Doug Draughan of Basic Research commented, “The bottom line is that MarketingPilot has been a big hit. Probably the biggest factor is increased communication across the company. Everyone is connected from having the data points in MarketingPilot.” Brian Croswhite, Marketing Director of Nova Southeastern University said, “MarketingPilot is giving us the tools to do our job better as well as keep our clients better informed.”

The MarketingPilot Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be able to connect MarketingPilot 15 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well as On-Premises (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011).  The Connector will enable businesses to align their sales and marketing efforts and help organizations attract, retain and grow their customer base in new ways.

MarketingPilot 15 and the MarketingPilot Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is expected to be available in the month of March, and will be offered to customers in the United States and to existing MarketingPilot Online customers worldwide. We expect to make MarketingPilot available in select international markets by the end of this year.

Further information is available at and More information about our future roadmap, partner programs and plans will be made available at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference in July.  Share your thoughts below and to @MSDynamicsCRM, using #MSDYNCRN and #CRM2011. And if you are at Convergence 2013 New Orleans, visit us as we look forward to engaging with you.

Bob Stutz
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • I am certainly excited to see that Marketing aspects of Dynamics CRM have finally been addressed. Definitely like what I hear about MarketingPilot (MP), however, an early concern is how very little we have been seeing of MP. At Convergence 2013 I attended the MP session and what struck me is how very little of the application we saw in the demo. The slides speak to an impressive list of features, I'm just curious why, so far, we have seen very little of those features.

    Even more odd, is the announcement of MP15, yet, it does not seem to be possible to get access the software/service. I am ready to pay for it, but, can't get anyone to return calls or messages and absolutely no way to sign up for the service on

    Is it really going to be an additional 4 months (WPC) before we learn more details about what's coming, when and how partners and customers can access it?

  • @Michael Hammons, thank you for your comment, and for your interest in MarketingPilot.  It's too bad you didn't get a chance to see more of MarketingPilot while you were at Convergence.  Now that the new release is complete, we do have demos available (which we showed at the booth and the two concurrent sessions). For those who didn't get a chance to see the demos, they are recorded and available from the Convergence web site.  We'll be making the demos along with new product videos available on the website soon.  In terms of how to buy the software, customers can contact our sales team at 1-847-864-4777, or email I'm not sure why you haven't gotten a call or email back yet, but I am looking into this already. I do know  the phones are ringing off the hook, and the sales team has been completely slammed from the announcement last week.  Please be patient while we work thru the backlog, and don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you don't get contacted soon. Also, you can register at for regular updates, and we'll be sure to keep everyone posted on new product updates, international availability, etc.