• Teams allow for sharing of records that users otherwise would not have access to.
  • Creating a new business will automatically create a new team.
  • Although team belongs to a business unit, users from different business can also be added to it.

There are two types teams – Owner and Access

Owner Team

Access Team

Shares a record with a team

Shares a record with a specific user

Team owns the record

No ownership to the user

Security role can be assigned

Security role cannot be assigned

An owner can be converted to Access Team

Cannot to be converted to an owner team


Access Teams

User access only

Some records need unique permissions for users. Access Teams grant specific access rights to specific users outside their current role. For example, if a user intended to share an opportunity record with only a specific team member and not with the whole team, the specific user can be added and given restricted access to the record. For example, I need a user to only have read, write, share permissions to an opportunity record but not delete, assign, append to, or append.

To use access teams for an entity, you need to enable Access Teams at an entity level:

Go to Contacts -> General Tab -> Communications & Collaborations -> check Access Teams -> Save -> Publish

Access Team template

The privileges assigned to the access team through Access Team Templates. Access Team template allows you to create a template for the entities on which “Access Teams” option is enabled. You can grant or restrict access to the entity records through “Access Rights”. Essentially, this is like a record-based security model on an entity record for specific users.


How to create an access team template:

Once the access team template is created and added to the entity form, you can start adding users. For example, on an opportunity record add a new user in the Access Team Template sub-grid.


Once a user is added to the Access Team grid in the record, a new access team record is created. You can see this in the Advanced find -> Teams -> Team Type equals Access -> Results. The record looks something like this.

  1. For reach record that has an access team associated to it, a new access team record is created.
  2. Only two access team templates are allowed per entity.
  3. If privileges for an Access team are modified, they only appear for new users