Microsoft Forms provides quick and easy Forms & Surveys functionality. Forms Pro extends it by enabling integration with Flow, Dynamics 365 CE, and the Power Platform. Microsoft Forms Pro public preview was announced in this blog post. Here are some common questions that could help Dynamics 365 CE experts understand how Forms Pro and Dynamics 365 CE work together.

What is Microsoft Forms Pro?

A simple, comprehensive enterprise Survey solution built on Microsoft Forms, Dynamics 365 and Power BI. Survey, Invitation and Response data is stored in Common Data Service (CDS) environment. Out of box Power BI visualizations enables easy and effective Response analysis.

How to integrate with existing Dynamics 365 CE instance?

When you sign up for Public Preview, a default CDS environment is provisioned to store Forms Pro Survey, Invitation and Response data.

To work with Surveys in existing Dynamics 365 CE environment, sign up for the preview using your account linked with Dynamics 365 CE instance.

Default CDS environment is created as part of Forms Pro Preview sign up. See below screenshot of Environments list that show up when we click user account. MSFT Service (default) is the CDS environment added as part of Forms Pro provisioning and is the current/focus environment when I sign into Forms Pro.

BhaveshLab-PFEDYNCE is my existing Dynamics 365CE instance. Installed Forms Pro app from Microsoft App Source in this Dynamics 365 CE instance, and can point Forms Pro to this environment by switching to this environment.

How to automate sending Survey Invites on a business transaction?

The Forms Pro and Flow integration provides Flow templates to send Survey invitation on common business transactions. You can customize these Flow templates or create from scratch depending on business needs.


How to automate Survey Response processing?

Survey Invites and Response data is stored in the CDS environment. These entities are part of the Forms Pro solution and can be explored through the Solutions area or Advanced Find. CDS “record created” Flow trigger can be leveraged to trigger business logic on a Survey response. Here are screenshots of a simple example, a Task is created in Dynamics 365 CE when a Survey response arrives with a low NPS score.



How to create file upload question?

File upload question is not currently available but it’s on the roadmap. Please see updates on this suggestion in the Microsoft Forms user voice portal.

Issues or suggestions while tying Forms Pro?

Please use the Feedback  button on upper right corner or direct link to Microsoft Forms Suggestion Box to review existing suggestions, vote or submit a new one.


Hope this helps!

Bhavesh Shastri