Hey Guys,

I recently started the configuration of the Field Service Mobile app in Woodford. Currently I'm trying to configure the Work Order default form, and altough it seems that I can add my custom fields to the form in the Woodford solution, when I publish it it doesn't show me the changes. Of course I enabled the custom fields in the entity setting. Also I saved and published the modifications. It shows in the Woodford but not on my Mobile App. I have the administrator security setting, so it can't be a problem either. 

Also it's interesting when I removed a default field, which was by deafult on the form the changes appeared also on my mobile application. I couldn't find documentation or questions here in the community which would tackle my problem. 

I hope someone can help me. It seems like it could be a bug, but there's also a possibility that I'm missing some kind of configuration step maybe.

Documentations I checked: https://community.dynamics.com/365/fieldservice/b/d365fieldservicecloudfronts/posts/how-to-display-custom-entity-in-d365-field-service-mobile-app



I did look at more documentation in the past two days, recently these were the ones I read.