All of a sudden, none of existing CRM CMD-lets works in PowerShell anymore, all return (500) Internal Server Error.
Not even Get-CrmServer or Get-CrmSetting do work anymore. I mean if I call Get-CRMSetting without any options, it askes me for SettingType, but then if I enter e.g. OAuthClaimsSettings (or any other type) it returns error 500 right away.

It's a Dynamics 365 V8.2 (on-premises) server running all in one, CRM and SQL. It is a Windows 2016 Server with MSSQL2016. and the PowerShell in charge also is launched on the same host, as administrator or not as administrator, no difference.

I wanted to check "Get-CrmSetting -SettingType OAuthClaimsSettings" because I feel like this has been reset to false aver I re-configured Claims-Based Authentication for that CRM. And form that point on my Dynamics 365 App for Outlook does not work anymore, e.g. none can login. And that's why I figured this out.

Other stuff like regular usage of CRM via browser works, also internal and external (IFD) URL login is working.

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