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Transition code to UCI

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When sending an outgoing email from D365 CE or crm, after user press send button to send an email, we have an onSend function that we use to append additional content to the email body before email is sent to recipient.

In web client, this used to work

function onSend() {
    if (Xrm.Page.getAttribute('description').getValue() != null && Xrm.Page.getAttribute('description').getValue() != "") {;
   // formContext.getControl("subject").setFocus();

But now with UCI, We changed the code since Xrm.Page has been or is being deprecated to this below and it no longer work, we are not sure how to get the execution context from this function.
function onSend() {
    if(!formContext || !executionContext)
        alert("formContext/executionContext is null");
        formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    if(formContext != null && formContext.getControl("description") != null && formContext.getControl("subject") != null){
        if (formContext.getControl("description").getAttribute().getValue() != null && formContext.getControl("description").getAttribute().getValue() != "") {

Not only, the alert pops up every time but execution context is null and we get an error executionContext is not defined.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Linn Zaw Win Profile Picture
    Linn Zaw Win 3,403 on at
    RE: Transition code to UCI

    If your onSend() function is a form ribbon, add the primaryControl CRM Parameter as mentioned in the blog post below and change your function to

    function onSend(primaryControl) {
    var formContext = primaryControl;
    // The rest of the script

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    RE: Transition code to UCI

    Hi Mbah,

    Are you checking this to enable the executioncontext to be passed ?


    Also, you need to declare the function with the parameter like:

    function ola(executionContext)
    //do stuff

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