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Options to restrict user access to 'subcontractor' Vendor (against 'supplier' Vendor) and purchase documents

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Hi everyone,

The requirement is to restrict Business Central user access to Sub-contract type vendors and associated purchase invoice and posted purchase invoices and only Finance AP team members can access these vendors.  What is the best practice per your experience?  Thank you.

On Vendor Card, there is a customized field called Vendor Type and values are Sub-contractor and Supplier.

The options (I) that I tried is leverage Permission Set by setting up security filter (vendor type='Supplier') on Vendor table.  Users with that permission set can not view subcontractor vendors nor purchase invoices for subcontractor vendors.  The problems is user can view posted purchase invoices for both supplier and sub-contractor, which not meet the requirements 100%.  

Another options (II) is to use the Responsibility Center = Supplier and assign non-AP user RC=Supplier on Purchase document on User Setup page so that these group of users are not able to view purchase documents of sub-contractors.

It seems that option (I) + (II) are the complete solution.  One of the concern is the native purpose of RC is not designed for restricting user access and might cause future issue.  What is the best practice to manage such a request?  Your help is appreciated.  Thank you for all your help in advance. 

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    RE: Options to restrict user access to 'subcontractor' Vendor (against 'supplier' Vendor) and purchase documents


    Out of the box you covered all solutions. I cannot think of any other method (except development). the other is to use 3rd party app such as below|AID.fg03|PAPPID.9c635c18-e65b-4aba-b78c-e35552de4c60||PAPPID.7c4b9095-058f-4464-a4d0-104cc305e68c

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