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starting time issue in production order

Posted on by 40
Hi everyone,
I have 1 query related to Released production Order scheduling time.
Setup i used =  Manufacturing setup ( Normal StartTime = 10:00 & EndTime = 19:00 )
                         Shop Calendar (Start time = 09:00 & End time = 18:00)
Scenario :  When i am creating a released production order and Refreshing it with Backward scheduling then my scheduling Ending time is considering as 18:00, which is 100% correct. But when i am refreshing  it with Forward Scheduling then system considering 10:00 which is wrong and it should be consider 09:00. Because my shop calendar shift if from 09:00  to 18:00.
I need your guidance to know why system behaving like this?
Thanks in advance 
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,519 Super User on at
    starting time issue in production order
    the starting time and ending time on manufacturing setup is used to calculate capacity in case the capacities/calendar has not been further specified for a work center. So those fields are a global default value. It should be override if a shop calendar has been defined and assigned to a work center. 
    I suggest you to view the setting of the work center in question and also check how its calendar is setup. 
    Jun Wang
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    Shauna Langley Profile Picture
    Shauna Langley 608 Super User on at
    starting time issue in production order
    When you create a production order the starting date and time appears to be taken from the manufacturing setup.  I would assume that this is because at initial entry there is no item or quantity entered to determine the correct start date and time to make the product.
    When you refresh the production order then the production order should be reset to the correct date/time in order to make the product. 
    The above screenshot is backward, I want to make 10 and each one takes 1 hour.  As my shop calendar code is the same as your example (No Saturday/Sunday) then the start date is calculated correctly.
    If I select forward then I get the following
    When I am setting up the manufacturing module I would usually have the manufacturing setup Normal Start Time as the earliest shift time which would be 09:00 in your example.  
    Hope that helps,

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