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Extend OOTB module translations

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Posted on by 35

I read the following documentation page:

I'm using the CLI command for generating the (master) global.json file. This command is an nice and automatic way to get all language strings out of custom modules:

For *.definition.json files it works fine, it extracts automatically all keys under "resources".

But now I want to extend an OOTB module with additional resource keys: Therefore I created an <module-name>.definition.ext.json (f.e. buybox.definition.ext.json) inside of <src>/themes/<my-theme-name>/definition-extensions and added my new resource:

    "$type": "definitionExtension",
    "resources": {
        "test": {
            "value": "Test"

But it looks like. the cli command yarn msdyn365 generate-resources src ignores *.ext.json files. Means the "test" string is not added to the global.json.

One workaround for now:

Add/duplicate the resource key also into the <my-theme-name>.definition.json.

Down side: I need to maintain the localization in two places and I'm breaking completely the modularization approach because all keys/translation overrides are located in one big file.