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Dynamics 365/SharePoint Integration does not find any Flows set up

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Posted on by 25

I have the Dynamics 365/SharePoint Integration set up, so files upload using Related Documents go into SharePoint automatically. This is working as expected.

However, I would like to set up some Power Automate Flows to run on-demand on selected files in that SharePoint document library.

I set up the flow with Power Automate in SharePoint and it works. But when I view that document library in Dynamics CRM, it does not see any of the flows.


So in the drop down menu shown above, I click "See your flows" and it shows all of the flows. I even clicked "Create a flow" from there and created a new flow, but it doesn't show on the menu either.

So where is Dynamics getting the list of flows for this menu?

Can I trigger a flow on a file in the document library from Dynamics 365?

If I use "Open Location" above, it takes me to the SharePoint Document Library where the files are, and then I can use the flow from there. How can I get it so I can use the flow on the file from within Dynamics 365 without having to do that?