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duplicate records

Posted on by 7,314

When a record is created, sometimes it gets populated correctly and sometimes it creates a duplicate record. I really cannot find out why is it happening or which workflow is causing it..

How to find which workflow is causing a duplicate record creation?

Any suggestions please?

Thanks for any help.

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    Inogic Profile Picture
    Inogic 23,963 on at
    duplicate records
    Hi Meenoo,

    In Dynamics 365 CRM, there isn't a direct way to pinpoint which workflow is causing duplicate record creation. However, you can identify which workflow is causing duplicate records by examining active workflows and their logic.
    Open each active workflow one by one and analyze its steps. Look for actions that create new records of the same entity. Pay close attention to workflow steps that involve creating new records or manipulating data in the relevant fields for duplicate detection.

    By systematically examining these aspects of your workflows, you should be able to isolate the workflow responsible for the duplicate record creation.

    But there’s an easy way to do this.

    Check out DeDupeD app, a data deduplication solution by Inogic. It can help you prevent duplicates when creating new records and updating existing records on the server side programmatically using Workflows, Assembly, Data Import Processes, WPF Application, Power Automate, and much more.

    For instance, if you are setting up a workflow for generating “New Account” records and you want to find out if there are duplicate account records existing in your CRM system, then, no worries, you can find duplicate records using DeDupeD’s Duplicate Detection feature.

    With DeDupeD, you can:
    • Find Duplicates: Easily identify duplicate records for any and all Dynamics 365 CRM entities (OOB and Custom), keeping your data clean.
    • Prevent Duplicates: Stop duplicates from being created in the first place with configurable rules and validation.
    • Merge Duplicates: Quickly merge duplicate records into a single, accurate record, maintaining data completeness.
    • Clean-up and Merge Duplicates in Bulk: Run a comprehensive process to identify and eliminate historical duplicate records in bulk.
    There is much more to DeDupeD’s amazing features.

    If you are interested in trying the app for your data deduplication needs, then you can get it for a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.
  • meenoo Profile Picture
    meenoo 7,314 on at
    RE: duplicate records


    Now it makes sense to me..

    Recently, we have installed SP1 to our CRM applications.

    For us, everything was working fine but the duplicate records on Save.

    So what have you done finally to resolve these issues?


  • corrierands Profile Picture
    corrierands 40 on at
    RE: duplicate records

    What updates do you have installed on your CRM?

    We are having duplicate records created as well. We installed Rollup 1, Rollup 2 and then Service Pack 1.

    Ive noticed that there are several updates listed as resolved in Rollup 3 that still exist as an issue for us at our current update level. For example "When enabling filtering on a view, if the user's screen cannot display all the columns on the page simultaneously, the filtering button covers the drop-down on the last column" is resolved in RU3 but its still a problem for us.

    Also listed is "Duplicate records are created if Save or Save and Close is pressed multiple times".

    There are a few other duplicate records created listed in RU3 as well but we are not able to install RU3 because we installed SP1.

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