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Tiles not updating with count

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I have one specific user who can never get the tile count to appear,
They have tried D365 with both Edge and Chrome, but still with the same result.
The tiles were saved from fairly standard grid views, it does not matter which or how many tiles they set up, nothing will display. Yet other users with exactly the same configuration and tiles, all works perfectly.

Thanks in advance John

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    GirishS Profile Picture
    GirishS 27,799 Super User on at
    RE: Tiles not updating with count

    Hi John Clarke,

    Check whether that user has personalization enabled under System Administration >> Personalization >> User settings.

    Also try clearing the usage data for that user and check.

    Also, how you are publishing the personalization to other users?


    Girish S.

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    Eiken Profile Picture
    Eiken on at
    RE: Tiles not updating with count

    Hi, John

    The question is about Dynamics 365 Finance.

    I recommend you to move  the case to D365 Finance Forum.

    The link is as followed.

    (+) Dynamics 365 Finance - Forums, Blogs, Support

  • John_Clarke Profile Picture
    John_Clarke 20 on at
    RE: Tiles not updating with count

    Hi Eiken

    We are using D365 F&O.

    As an example I create a standard tile from a grid view. E.g. Open sales orders.

    Below are two screenshots of the same user with the same tile set-up but the difference is different Business units. No other users have this issue in either BU's



  • Eiken Profile Picture
    Eiken on at
    RE: Tiles not updating with count

    Would you tell me that which app you used to set tiles?

    Can you show more details like screenshots about this situation?

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