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Barclays UK EFT File Format

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I am trying to set up EFT for a UK based company who use Barclays Internet Banking. The pre-sets in GP are all for US/Canadian banks does anyone have a working EFT File Format for Barclays that I can Crib


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    RE: Barclays UK EFT File Format

    Completely understand your frustrations. If anyone is still looking for this or changing banks soon you can get our uk based files here.

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    RE: Barclays UK EFT File Format


    Can someone tell me how do I format the sort code that is 20-00-00 to 200000 in the EFT file Format Maintenance?


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    Redbeard 12,931 on at
    RE: Barclays UK EFT File Format

    David -

    I know it seems egregious Microsoft would not invest the time and money to provide support for common overseas EFT file formats. The likely reason is 3rd parties already have these needs covered with deep and rich functioning products. Check out Nolan Solutions.

    You will also note Nolan has similar 3rd party applications for NetSuite, a modern, cloud-based suite of financial applications that purports regularly to run rings around Dynamics GP, but doesn't.

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    RE: Barclays UK EFT File Format

    Hi David,

    Is Barclays UK uses SEPA XML, if so you should try to use ISO20022 which is available within GP.

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    RE: Barclays UK EFT File Format

    Hope this helps!!! - well not a lot really

    I know Microsoft is a US company and that North America is there biggest market for GP but I find it totally frustrating that what is a fundamental part of using GP is ignored by them. It would be nice to see the main UK and European bank EFT File formats already there for us to use. The Banks do not change these from customer to customer so it is not as if they need customising for each company wanting to use them.  It is the same with the European VAT return formats which I had to pay to get working in Sweden recently.

    You have pointed me to a document I have already discovered and which is about as helpful as a paper book to a blind man. I have used GP for 10 out of the last 15 years and consider myself reasonable intelligent and computer literate but this document leaves me with no clue as to how I practically convert the fields that Barclays have provided me with into a EFT File Format that will work

    Guess like always I am going to have to pay a consultant to create something that he already has (after all the File can be exported and imported into GP) just so that I can get the job done - I am convinced this will be the last time I recommend GP to anyone - shame it is a good package really just let down by trying to make money out of what is a simple file which should be there waiting to be used.


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    soma 24,406 on at
    RE: Barclays UK EFT File Format

    You can use User-Defined format type for UK banks or any other banks other than US/CAN.

    I have already setup EFT with using User-Defined format types for some local banks. You just need to follow and configure the EFT file format based on your bank provided file formats.

    Note: Please have a look on the below link.

    Hope this helps!!!

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