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How to correct a customer check payment incorrectly entered for a call center order

Posted on by 70

Sometimes a check is incorrectly entered on a call center order, and we don't find out until after the payment is posted.  In this particular scenario, I would like to know what to do when the check amount entered was higher than it actually is.  (e.g., clerk entered $90 when they should have entered $81.)

I tried the following:

  • Edit the check payment amount.  An error appears stating "%1 is already posted for this payment line. Please create a new payment line for changes in excess of %1", where %1 is the current (incorrect) payment amount.
  • Enter a check payment for a negative amount to reverse the original amount.  An error appears stating "The payment amount must be non-negative for a payment of type Check."
  • Searched Google

(Note that this is in the Contoso demo environment.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this?  There are two aspects that need handled:

  1. The G/L entries for the payment need to end up with the net correct amount.
  2. The sales order needs to be in a state where full payment is still needed. (we are assuming it has not been released to the warehouse yet).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Daniel J. Zook Profile Picture
    Daniel J. Zook 70 on at
    RE: How to correct a customer check payment incorrectly entered for a call center order

    Thank you!  I confirmed that this works.  I very much appreciate the help.

  • Verified answer
    hhainesms Profile Picture
    hhainesms on at
    RE: How to correct a customer check payment incorrectly entered for a call center order

    Hi Daniel,

    on the sales order if you click: Modify, Complete, and Delete to remove the original check payment line, then you can create a new check payment line for the correct amount.   Editing the payment once posted (and checks are prepayments so posted immediately) is not supported.   Deleting the original will generate a payment voucher reversal and then a new payment journal will be created for the new payment line.  I am not aware of any way in the accounting functions to edit the value of an already posted payment voucher, I believe it must be reversed (which is what deletion of the payment line does) and a new payment added.

    Ideally if using over/under tolerances (as configured in AR parameters) call center will prevent users from overpaying (or underpaying) orders within a tolerance which could help to catch user errors like this before the payment gets submitted.

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