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EFT Field Mapping

Posted on by 160
Hello, I am trying to validate what field is being defaulted as the /payee name/ on the EFT export. I cannot find a field mapping for this. Ideally, I want it mapped to the remit to address name. Anyone have tips to update this?
Thanks in advance!
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 63,922 Super User on at
    EFT Field Mapping
    Hi, although it has nothing to do with your problem, here is a customized example, I hope it can give you some tips.
  • ahanson Profile Picture
    ahanson 160 on at
    EFT Field Mapping
    Thank you guys for the help. So the "payee name" is somewhere linked to the vendor name? Is it possible to update the coding for this to grab the remit to name instead?
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,517 Super User on at
    EFT Field Mapping
    to make this easy to understand. A EFT file is just a bunch of text, numbers in a structure that is required by the bank so it can make sense in their system.
    In the bunch of info on a text file, it basically has 3 main parts. Header, details, footer.
    the information you are looking for is likely to be in the details.
    so the best way to make sense of the file is to create an EFT file using a vendor you are familiar. Say company XYZ. there are other information for this vendor as well such as vendor number, etc, that is needed for the bank to process.
    After the file is created, search for where the vendor name is
    in this example, the highlighted in vendor name, You then go to the data exchange definition to find where the detail dictate this mapping. 
    I used to count character by character to make sense of such an export. It is boring but it helps you to understand how it is structured.
    with a better understanding, you could change/update the data exchange definition as needed. 
    Jun Wang
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 6,908 Super User on at
    EFT Field Mapping
    1. Go to the data exchange definition and open your EFT format
    2. In the Line Definitions FastTab select the relevant section of the EFT and click on Field Mapping
    3. In the Field Mapping Page you will see what Business Central has it mapped to. The column no. field is the EFT file field, the Field ID is the field in Business Central

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