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"Microsoft Dynamics SL has stopped working"

Posted on by 65

Hello - I'm new to this community and though I'm certain my problem has been encountered before, I can't seem to find an answer when I do a search. Here's my issue - MS Dynamics SL (ver 7.0 feature pack 1) fails to launch after a fresh and successful installation on a client workstation. I get an error that flashes momentarily on the screen when I attempt to launch the program that says "Microsoft Dynamics SL has stopped working" "Windows is looking for a solution to the problem". The workstation has a fresh installation of Windows 7 Professional - SP1 64bit. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Tom

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    Tom@TFX 65 on at
    RE: "Microsoft Dynamics SL has stopped working"

    The folder "Microsoft Dynamics SL" does not exist under the Roaming sub-folder.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: "Microsoft Dynamics SL has stopped working"

    Please try to delete the following folder before you try to log in to see what happens.

    C:\Users\YourUserID\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Tom@TFX Profile Picture
    Tom@TFX 65 on at
    RE: "Microsoft Dynamics SL has stopped working"

    Thank you for the quick reply. No, I forgot all about that step! I have now turned off UAC. Restarted. Uninstalled MS Dynamics. Restarted. Installed MS Dynamics. Restarted. Attempted to launch. No luck... -the issue remains. 

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    Mark E Profile Picture
    Mark E 6,405 on at
    RE: "Microsoft Dynamics SL has stopped working"

    Did you turn off UAC in the Win7 environment prior to installation?  See link below.

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