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system time zone in CRM365 online

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Posted on by UG Leader


Where I show see / check organization system time zone (not personal time zone) ?

Appreciate any help


  • gisiquei Profile Picture
    gisiquei on at
    RE: system time zone in CRM365 online

    Hi Mohamad , please take a look in XRMToolbox tool ,there you can view the timezone from all users and edit them as well.

  • RE: system time zone in CRM365 online

    There are two places.  

    One is in User Preferences

    1. Click the cog in the top right corner of your screen

    2. Select User Options

    3. Select Preferences on the left side of the screen

    4. Look at Language and country/region preferences and select the time zone. This is for your specific time zone.

    Second is in Compliance

    1. Click on Compliance

    2. Under set up select Legal entities

    3. On the left you will see your company - click it and on the right under General you will see Time Zone.  This time zone is for your company as a whole and will apply to all employees.

    Be very careful changing time zones and I encourage you to speak with your Account Manager.  We have had multiple issues with the time zones and they had use switch them to different zones as it would alter dates to the prior or next day based on the zone the administrator was in BUT they had us change them multiple times and has resulted in it being very difficult to correct them and we are still having issues.  I would suggest not changing them without someone there to assist to ensure they work and testing it in the sandbox prior to implementing in production.

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    Mahendar Pal Profile Picture
    Mahendar Pal 45,039 on at
    RE: system time zone in CRM365 online


    For that you can use User Settings Utility from XrmToolBox and set same timezone for all the users

    Check this post it will help you to do that you can select users and set timezone

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: system time zone in CRM365 online

    Hi Mahender

    thank you for above answer.

    I think , this is for personal settings, time zone.

    What about System time zone for entire organization ? I wana force specific time zone to all users ? is it possible ?


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    Mahendar Pal Profile Picture
    Mahendar Pal 45,039 on at
    RE: system time zone in CRM365 online


    Dynamics 365 Online takes the timezone automatically where your organization is hosted.

    Refer this, it will display you timezone used for Dynamics 365

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