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Order Date Fulfilled - Time Zone Independent

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We are using a single Dynamics CRM Online instance to cover world wide operations. We will have users around the world looking at the same Order. We'd like to change the behavior of the Date Fulfilled field to be Time Zone independent, so that the same day shows for everyone who views the record - but when we've tried to do this it appears to be locked down.

I've just signed up for a 30 day trial to make sure it wasn't a previous customisation to our environment that would prevent this but even on the new instance it appears to be locked down.

Is there anyway to get around this? Ideally we would not have to create a new field as we have a fair amount of historical information in the system and would prefer to not have to re-open those records to map the data to the new field.


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    Order Date Fulfilled - Time Zone Independent
    I understand that you want to change the behavior of the "Completion Date" field to be independent of time zone, so that everyone sees the same date when viewing the record. However, I see that this feature seems to be locked and cannot be changed. time calculator
    This is a really complicated issue when you want to maintain historical data without having to re-edit all records. I share your frustration in not being able to do this.
    However, I think you should continue to look for possible solutions, such as creating a new field to store completion date information independent of time zone. While it may take time to migrate the data, this may be the only way to achieve your goal.
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    RE: Order Date Fulfilled - Time Zone Independent

    Thanks Ben, that's useful information - although not what I was hoping for! :)

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    RE: Order Date Fulfilled - Time Zone Independent was the recommended article for this before the timezone independent option appeared in CRM 2015 (and being a historic field from before CRM 2015 the Date Fufilled field is a user local field).

    The solution we used in the past was to set the time of a field to 12:00 rather than 00:00 as that ensured 99% of the records will always be displayed on the correct day. The quickest way to do that would be to do it in a plugin on pre-operation stage of the update request.

    And the other option would be to make it a datetime field rather than date although in both those cases it won't fix historic records without more work..

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