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10.0.26 Quality update error

Posted on by 392

Hi All,

Hope all are doing well !!!

While deploying the 10.0.26 quality update to the devlopment environement getting the below error.

System.Management.Automation.MethodInvocationException: Exception calling "ExecuteSqlText" with "1" argument(s): "Couldn't complete full-text operation because full-text key for table or indexed view 'ax.ECORESPRODUCTTRANSLATION' is offline. Near statement:
... " ---> System.Exception: Couldn't complete full-text operation because full-text key for table or indexed view 'ax.ECORESPRODUCTTRANSLATION' is offline. Near statement:
... ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Couldn't complete full-text operation because full-text key for table or indexed view 'ax.ECORESPRODUCTTRANSLATION' is offline.

Can you please suggest on this?

Thanks In Advance !!!


  • SergeyP Profile Picture
    SergeyP 2,928 on at
    RE: 10.0.26 Quality update error

    You can indeed refresh the Channel DB, sharing some more details below regarding what Jeffrey essentially, has briefly shared already.

    1. The following steps will indicate how to remove the Retail Channel Database components from the AOS database. By following these steps, you acknowledge that you are not using the Retail Channels (Point of Sale or Retail Cloud or Store Scale Units) OR you are using Cloud Scale Units (when using Cloud Scale Units, the Channel Database collocated with the AOS DB [Default Database] is not used anymore) OR you are applying this in your Develop/Demo environment and is able to redeploy your extensions (in this case, please see call out in the end of instructions). After you complete these steps, you will need to retry/resume/start an application deployable package, which will recreate the Retail Channel database components.
    2. Connect to the intended environment.
    3. Find the latest deployable package applied to the environment. It will be under folder <ServiceVolue>:\DeployablePackages\<PackageGUID>
    4. Under the deployable package folder, find the following SQL script <ServiceVolue>:\DeployablePackages\<PackageGUID>\RetailServer\Scripts\DropAllRetialChannelDbObjects.sql
    5. This script, when run against the AOS database (AxDB), will remove all objects related to the Retail Channel Database. Only proceed if you are not using the Retail Channel functionality.
    6. Connect to the AOS database and run the script mentioned on Step 4. This operation will take several minutes.
    7. Resume the package deployment or start the package deployment to have the Retail Channel components recreated correctly.
    8. Note: if you ran these steps on a DEV/DEMO environment and you are using Retail Channel Database; you will need to reapply your extensions (if any) to the Channel Database and then perform a CDX Full Data Sync on the "Default" channel database to restore the data to the database. Any transactions not synchronized to the HQ through P-Jobs would be lost. Reactivating the POS devices is required after these steps.

    At the same time, might make sense to first troubleshoot the original issue, that document has an explanation on why an index might go offline. How does your table's Full Text Search properties look like comparing to the below (right click the table in SQL Server Management Studio and then select Full-Text index->Properties):



  • JeffreyPW Profile Picture
    JeffreyPW 228 on at
    RE: 10.0.26 Quality update error

    When pushing to a dev environment, if i ever see ax table/view issues during an service update, you can run the script to drop all commerce related tables (DropAllRetaillChannelDbObjects)... then, apply the update and it will recreate all those tables/views/etc for you.

  • Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: 10.0.26 Quality update error

    Hi Pankaj,

    10.0.26 end of service was on July 15, 2022:

    Not sure how you able to update this version, you should be updating to version 10.0.27 or higher.

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