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Items not visible on Ribbon Workbench Properties

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On Ribbon Workbench, I added a button to the form ribbon of my entity. I want to associate a command to the button.

The command will have a custom enable rule, which calls a JS function to set the button visibility.

Now, I can't complete the configuration above because I can't select some values from the drop-down menu:

- I created the command, but I can't select any command from the Properties: Control of the button.

- In the Enable rule, I created a new CustomRule (as a new Step). I specified the FunctionName and the Library, and I want to set Default = False, InvertResult = Falsebut cannot see any value in the drop-down menu for Default and InvertResult.

I added a Parameter "Crm Parameter", and I need to select PrimaryControl as Value, but I can't see any value in the drop-down list.

What I did before: I created a new solution to add the mentioned customizations, where I only added the entity, the specific form, and the web resource (this is the solution loaded on Ribbon Workbench).

I didn't save nor published any customization from Ribbon Workbench so far: am I supposed to publish the button on CRM before adding the other customizations (command, enable rules for the command)? Or does the issue depend on something missing from my solution?