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How do I change the management reporter administrator?

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I am having all kinds of issues with the installation and configuration of Management Reporter.  I hope someone can help me.

Originally when I defined our server it was not a domain controller.  Since then I have made it a domain controller but SQL users got screwed up.  I think I have all of that resolved now.  So I started the management reporter installation and configuration process.  I started an incident with a tech a few weeks ago and he had me create a new user to access MR.  But I had issues with that when I tried to get into Dynamics.   So I would like to change the administrator for MR to a different user but can't seem to figure out how to do it. 

I went to SQL, security, Made sure the user was there, made sure the user had rights to the dynamics databases and management reporter databases.   What else do I need to do?  When I go into MR configuration console I get the error, You don't have permission to access companies in Management Reporter.  And Unable to connect to the application service to retrieve configured ERP integrations.

Any ideas?

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: How do I change the management reporter administrator?

    HI good Info.

    What if you can;t get logged in with a "working administrator" how can you reset via the DB?

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    JoshP on at
    RE: How do I change the management reporter administrator?

    Hello Ann!

    If you are getting the error "You don't have permission to access companies in Management Reporter" when running the Configuration Console, this is because the domain user you are logged in as is not added to the Management Reporter Security as an Administrator user. Note that when adding a user, it adds more than just the user ID, it adds details about the account. If all of the details of this account do not match (beyond just the domain\username), the user is not considered as a MR user. This is likely what happened

    My suggestion for you is to:

    1. Create a backup of your MR database.

    2. Login to the MR Report Designer as a working Administrator user.

    3. Go to the Security tab.

    4. Locate the user who is getting the "You do not have permission..." error, right-click the user and select Delete.

    5. Go to File | New | User.

    6. Search for the user you just deleted and re-add him/her.

    7. Verify that the newly added user can successfully run the Report Designer and Configuration Console.


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