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Balanced Nacha File

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I have seen several posts regarding issues creating a balanced Nacha File in the data exchange definitions, but nobody has been able to answer these questions with helpful information (I see video links, links to other websites, etc. but none of them cover this issue). 
I have three clients who are using the same bank (Coastal Community), which notified me they will now require a Balanced Nacha File. We have used the unbalanced Nacha file from Business Central for years, but I have to figure out how to add a single offsetting line to the Detail Lines (lines that start with a 6), and somehow get Business Central to recognize it as a credit rather than a debit.
I have been able to add a second Detail to the data exchange definition, but it adds a new line after each payment rather than a single line at the bottom of the detail. Additionally, it is not being recognized as a Credit, so the total batch/file Debits are increased by these amounts (not affecting total batch/file credits). We were able to achieve this in Dynamics NAV, so I find it hard to believe there's no option for this in Business Central.
If anyone has had any luck creating a data exchange definition for a balanced Nacha file, I would love to hear what has worked. 
Balanced Nacha File: 
  • Offsetting line as the final Detail Line (representing the amount coming out of the client's bank account). 
    • Record Type: 6
    • Transaction Code: 27
    • Amount: Credit amount that is equal to the sum of all Debits in the batch
  • Debits and Credits should be equal.
    • The Batch Footer 
      • Record Type: 8
      • Total Debit and Total Credit amounts should be equal
    • The File Footer
      • Record Type: 9
      • Total Debit and Total Credit amounts should be equal
Let me know if there's further information that could help with this. The bank has indicated that they do not have a sample file for comparison (just further complicating things). 
  • RudyZhang Profile Picture
    RudyZhang Microsoft Employee on at
    Dynamics 365 Business Central - Balanced Nacha File
    We analyzed your question, looked for information and found the following document, which we hope will help you.,to%20generate%20the%20EFT%20file%20in%20the%20Bank.
    In addition,based on your description of the issue, our team found that your issue is related to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
    We recommend you to ask this question in the Dynamics 365 BC forum, where your problem will be noticed by many experts in the field and you will get a more effective solution.
    The link to the forum is as follows
    Best Regards,
    Rudy Zhang

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