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Duplicate Serial Numbers allowed in Manufacturing

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We've had an issue a couple of times where a duplicate serial number is allowed when creating a finished good in Manufacturing. We assign our own serial numbers and do not use the autogenerate feature in GP. The first serial number is shippped out, so stock is no longer in the system. And then we are able to re-use that serial number on the same item number on a new MO receipt. I think this is because we create our own serial numbers outside of GP, and I don't see a way to prevent this from happening, other than fixing the machine we use the generate serial numbers. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to prevent this though just to be sure.


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    RE: Duplicate Serial Numbers allowed in Manufacturing

    Before we get any further, are you using the same version? MorphX reports have been replaced with SSRS in AX 2012 and AX 7.

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    Sharon Burley 1,970 on at
    Re: Duplicate Serial Numbers allowed in Manufacturing

    Thank you so much Becky! I really appreciate it!

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    Re: Duplicate Serial Numbers allowed in Manufacturing


    Thank you for using Community Forums. My name is Becky and I will assist you.

    Manufacturing will allow you to use duplicate serial numbers if the first serial number entered has been sold in the system. We have to allow for the re-use of serial numbers on MO Receipts so that users can record re-work done on a serial number. In that situation, they receive a damaged or defective serial number back into Inventory, they issue it into production on a re-work MO, and then receive the re-worked finished good back into Inventory--all of this using the previously assigned serial number.

    There is no way to prevent this within GP. If you do not want duplicate serial numbers to be used you will have to either customize GP or develop a process where duplicate numbers will not be entered.

    If you have any questions please let me know.

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