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Adding more than one comment to RM Statement

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Posted on by 935

My client would like to add a comment in the body of the RM statement.  She already uses the comment ID that prints a comment in the footer, but she'd like to add one in the body-not attached to a line item.   I have found plenty regarding adding more lines to the existing comment, but not how to add 2 different comments to each statement.

Any help is appreciated.

Tracey D

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    RE: Adding more than one comment to RM Statement

    A comment in the body not attached to a line item?

    That isn't going to work well for a variety of reasons.

    Your best bet is to put that Comment in the F2 or PF section because it would then be per page or per customer statement which is probably what you want.

    Assuming that again the data is unrelated to the Invoices (maybe the customer or just "have a nice day") or that the Comment ID that you want to show can't be easily displayed since you already attached the RM comment table - then your Plan B would be to use something like VBA to pull that data via an ADO Query and display as calculated fields.

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    RE: Adding more than one comment to RM Statement

    I would look into eone extender solution.  It should allow you to link a pop up window to each line item and store a value in an associated extender table.  Then, you can customize the report to include the stored value from the extender table for each line item.  No easy way to do this through Dynamics available tools as far as I can tell.

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