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Problem with extending API pages

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We made a custom application that doesn't have any dependencies. In that application, we have created an API page and added a list part (extension) that is not an API page. The idea of this development is to give an opportunity to other applications to extend API page by extending the list part. We can compile and publish this development and extend the list in the other application that depends on this application. The problem occurs when we publish application that extended the list part, we get an error 'Could not find a property named 'CustomerExtensions' on type 'Microsoft.NAV.customerChangedEntry'.'. When we publish the first application again (has API that is being extended), without any change, the problem is solved until the second application is published again. The problem didn't exist until we extended the list part in the second application.

Publishing sequences when the problem does not exist:
First app
First app -> Second app -> First app

Publishing sequences when the problem exists:
Second app
First app -> Second app

We are working on OnPrem, W1 21.6 (Platform 21.0.54828.0 + Application 21.6.54874.0).

  • Problem with extending API pages
    Hello ZHU,
    Thank you for your answer and detailed explanation.
  • Verified answer
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    YUN ZHU 64,237 Super User on at
    Problem with extending API pages
    Hi, There is something wrong with your approach.
    The Customer API ext page must also be an API Type page and cannot be a ListPart.
    For example, the following standard Sales Orders API.
    In addition, as of now, the API Page cannot be extended.
    Hope this helps.

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