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Copa Airlines name change policy
People often want to know what to do if they misspelled their name on their Copa Airlines ticket. Spelling your name correctly may seem simple, but few of us consistently pay attention. In general, Copa Airlines name change policy will help you change the name on your ticket. So, you don't have to worry if you make a typo when booking your flight ticket.
Copa Airlines name change fee
Copa Airlines offers the possibility to correct the names of already issued tickets that meet the applicable conditions. So, if you want to change your name to Copa, check out all the important information about Copa Airlines name change fees, conditions, methods, etc.
What is Copa Airlines name change policy?
According to Copa Airlines name change policy, passengers can change their name through online and offline methods. However, the airline does not allow name corrections through the web portal. This requires contacting Copa Airlines customer service to make significant changes.
Copa Airlines Name Change Policy: Terms and Conditions
The Copa name correction policy offers several possibilities to modify the name of an already issued ticket. When making changes, the following terms and conditions apply.
If you need to change your ticket name according to the Copa name change policy, please do not travel on that section.
To apply for a ticket correction, you must do so via the online name correction form.
Name change requests only apply to the unused portion of the flight.
Our policy allows name corrections only once.
First, middle, and last name correction requests must not exceed a maximum of 3 characters, in accordance with the Copa Name Correction Policy.
To change the name on an existing Copa Airlines ticket, you must pay a certain fee.
Copa Airlines Name Edit Type
We share the following situations in which you may change or correct your name in accordance with the Copa Name Correction Policy:
1 - Reverse first and last name: This means that passengers can change the order of their names, such as changing first name to last name, first name to last name, etc.
2 - Remove middle or last name. Assume your name is not included on your travel documents. Therefore, it is acceptable to remove this from the ticket.
3 - Add your first or last name. If your name is not on the ticket but is mentioned in the document. You can then add them by submitting the relevant documents.
4 - Legal Reasons: If your last name is different from what appears on your marriage certificate and divorce papers, you can change it by filing marriage and divorce papers.
5 - Typo errors: Passengers can correct errors of up to 3 characters.
Documents required for Copa Airlines name correction
When requesting a Copa name change on a ticket, you will usually be required to submit legal documentation to verify the change. Acceptable forms of identification include:
driver's license
government issued ID
You may be asked to provide a marriage certificate (due to marriage).

Court order if your name has changed due to legal proceedings.
How to change the name on a Copa Airlines ticket?
When traveling by air, mistakes can occur due to naming errors. It is therefore important that your name is written correctly on the reserved ticket. Copa Airlines has the best alternative to correct the name on your ticket. Here are a few ways you can begin the Copa Airlines name change process:
Method 1 - Name correction via the web
You can use the online web function to edit the personal information on your ticket by following these steps:
Open the Copa Airlines official website in your preferred browser.
Tap the Manage Reservation option.
Enter the required information, including verification code and first or last name.
Click on your profile and go to the edit section.
Pay Copa Airlines name change fee if required.
Select the Submit button.
Method 2 - Name change through customer support
The easiest way to change the name on your Copa Airlines ticket is through customer support. Flyers should call 1-808-751-3939 and follow the IVR instructions to contact an operator. Also, Copa Airlines name change phone number is only available for support from 5 AM to 11 PM Monday to 11 PM, so if you want 24/7 access, you can call the additional number +1-808-751-3939. Sunday.
Method 3 - Change your name at the ticket counter
When you arrive at the airport, the help desk or ticket counter may be the first to notify you of any issues with your flight. Go to the helpdesk and share your details, and an agent will help you with the appropriate information.
Copa Airlines name change fee
Copa Airlines offers a one-time free name change to Economy Classic, Economy Flex, Economy Pool, Business Promotion, and Business Full classes. However, if you purchase a ticket directly or indirectly from an airline, you must pay a Copa Airlines name change fee of $50 as the base fare.
Copa Airlines Name Change Policy Additional Information
The amount of the Copa Airlines name correction fee in Colombia depends on the amount of the fare included in the international ticket. For domestic routes, the current prices stipulated for routes within Colombia apply. If the reservation is issued in USD and the customer specifies that he or she is located in Colombia, the amount will be charged in COP for currency processing issues in that country.
However, if the reservation is issued in USD but the passenger is located outside of Colombia, the Copa Airlines name change fee will be charged in USD. Additionally, the airline allows one-time free name changes to Economy Classic, Economy Pool, Business Promotion, and Business Full classes.
What is the Copa Airlines name change phone number?
If you need professional assistance and guidance to begin the Copa name change process, call us toll-free at 1-808-751-3939. However, the airline's official helpline is available from 5am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday, so you can get 24/7 support using the independent support number +1-808-751-3939.
Note: Flight rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is true and taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to improve your travel experience regardless of the airline. Please note that Flying Rules is not responsible for and assumes no liability for the actions of official airlines.


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