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Reason for dev dependency on webpack 5

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I'm currently upgrading an old D365 ecommerce codebase and noticed that the latest package.json has a dev dependency of "webpack": "^5.42.0". This requirement seems to be causing errors with a couple of 3rd party packages we need to use and our build fails. Looking at the github history, I can see the change was updated in this commit -, but there are no further details. How can I find out why this requirement was added and what the effect would be of removing it?


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    RE: Reason for dev dependency on webpack 5

    Thank you for responding. The upgrade is from 9.38 to 9.40 and I think it should already have the webpack 5 dev dependency, however I wasn't involved until recently and I think previous upgrades only changed the SDK version and the developer didn't check for other changes in package.json. It sounds like perhaps I could work back through webpack versions to find one that is ok fire both ms commerce and the 3rd party packages. 

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    RE: Reason for dev dependency on webpack 5

    rsudworth We always had dev dependency on webpack. The dependency would come via bootloader package. What you see in the package.json was added as a resolution because at some stage a newer version of webpack5 was brining in a dependency that was causing build issues.

    Taking a step back, we cut over from webpack 4 to webpack 5 some time ago, making webpack5 as default. What was the version you are upgrading from? Depending on that it could be related to webpack 5 upgrade or some other issue.

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