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Access Rights for Reports

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I am having some issues with users running reports and an error popping up saying "You don't have access rights".  The report actually pops up after they click ok but I would like to fix the access rights error.

This is happening on a few different reports and a few different users, so I was wondering how you find out for a particular report what access rights are needed.  Is there a script or tracer you can run to find this out?

We are running SL2015 9.01

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    RE: Access Rights for Reports

    Thank You so much, this has bugged me for quite some time.  I appreciate you showing me how to find the pre and/or post process for reports very helpful for future.

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    RE: Access Rights for Reports

    Several (not all) SL reports have some sort of pre-process that is run to gather data for the report.  I suspect that the failing reports have a pre-process and/or post process exe that the user does not have rights to.  When the report runs anyway after clearing the error I suspect it is reporting on old data in the report's working file.

    If you had provided the report control id (in the header of the ROI screen) for a couple of these reports I could have been more specific.  However, if you are an SL admin, you can go to Administration and the report control maintenance, enter that report control ID and click on the control options button to see what the pre-process / post process is for that report.  If that looks like an SL exe file type name, check and see if the user has rights to that particular program.

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